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Useless things taught at school vs the important things that we should have been taught

We want to start off by talking about the vast amount of useless things that we are taught at school… this will really put things into perspective for you! It’s mind-blowing when comparing the useless things we are taught (that we’ll certainly never need in life) to the incredibly important life skills that we are never taught. It will get you thinking about how the education systems all around the world are failing our children. But don’t fret, that’s why we’re here! It’s never too late to learn and awareness of the knowledge you’re lacking is so important. If you’re a young adult reading this, pass it on to your friends (they’ll thank you later down the line). And if you’re a parent reading this, make sure you have an active say in what your child is learning at school. And don’t just assume you’re child is being taught everything they need to know. Because that is so far from the truth.
Every child deserves to be taught the important skills and knowledge that will help them get the best start in life. Unfortunately, too many parents are placing too much trust in the education system, leaving their children disadvantaged. We need to change that so every child has access to all information needed to start adult life on the best foot.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 useless things taught at school…

Playing the recorder

Ok, granted that it’s great to get in touch with your musical side sometimes (if you have one). But is it really necessary to spend hours a week in music lessons learning how to play the recorder? when will we ever need this in life? It can be rather frustrating thinking about how many hours we wasted blowing down molded plastic trying to produce basic notes. If you ask me, it seems like a cop out from music teachers.

Mastering long division

Maths is important, don’t get me wrong. But it’s completely uneccessary to master long divisons etc when we will NEVER need to do this in real life. You will only ever need this skill in very specific career fields. And if that’s the case, study it at university. Children shouldn’t have to endure these pointless hours stressing over equations that they’ll never need. Just pass me a calculator or my phone, respectufully.

Potato batteries

I think the title says enough for this one. Just why? Ok it’s kinda fun the first time but it’s something that’s just not necessary to do ever again. I remember doing this ‘scientific experiement’ a fair few times whilst at school. It’s fair to say we got the message after the first time… potatos allow electron current to move through them. Now, let’s not waste any more time connecting wires to potatos.


The more i think about this one the weirder it gets… why the hell did we have to do this? Disection unvalues animals lives and treats them as a disposable objects. You should most definiely have the choice to opt out of this scientific experiment too. Why can’t they just show a video or explain with plastic animals or Mr.Potato head? There’s so many ways to understand the organs without doing discetion. Completely unecessary.

Reciting the Periodic Table

I think we can all agree, that learning the periodic table is a few months of our life that we’ll never get back. If you want to be a scientist, then, of course, this will be useful for you. Again, if this is the case then study it at university. We should leave the chemicals and elements to this specific career field. It’s without a doubt a useless waste of time, energy and brainpower. If we need to refer to a periodic table ever (extremely unlikely) then we can google a diagram quickly.