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Why It’s Important to Teach Negotiation at School

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Good negotiation is an extremely important skill to have and can greatly contribute to your success. It’s a skill that is most definitely not taught or practiced enough in the school environment. The closest most school curriculums get to practising negotiating is in class debates. In these debates you usually argue for or agaisnt something and give valid points as to why. However, the difference with negiotating is that it’s a discussion rather than a debate. Which is aimed at reaching an argeement so that both parties are happy and satisfied with the outcome. It’s usually a process where compromise is made on both sides to reach a settlement without any conflict. It’s an essential skill needed to succeed in business, your career and even contribute towards healthy and fulfilling relationships.

So why are we never taught it at school? we are taught to listen and do what we’re told. But never to negotiate on our terms and meet a middle ground. We believe that students should have more power to speak out and negotiate if they’re not happy with something. This will prepare them for their future, especially in business. And we all know that the more you practice a skill, the more confident you will be to use it. It’s easy to spot when someone is nervous when attempting to negotiate. Therefore, it is vital that children learn it from a young age. This doesn’t mean being argumentative and disregarding what the other party has to say. This means being respectful of what the other party is suggesting, but when not completely happy with it, learning to negotiate to reach an agreement. Equality and all that, right? Let’s take a closer look at what negotiation means…

How can good negotiation skills help you?

⦁ They will help you succeed in business endeavours. Having good negotiation skills will help your business prosper and flourish. You will not be afraid to work towards what you want and make agreements with any other parties involved so that you’re satisfied. Someone who doesn’t negotiate can often be left feeling unsatisfied and unmotivated as they didn’t have enough control over the outcome of something. Take control and have your say. 9 times out of time an agreement can be made so that both parties are happy.

⦁ It will help you build better relationships. If you’re not happy with something you can learn to negotiate until you are satisfied. Even if it’s something small that you’re not happy with, it’s important to let the other person know. This avoids bigger problems down the line and ensures that everyone knows where they stand.

Ensures long solutions to problems. It will help you avoid future problems down the line as both parties will come to an agreement. It’s never a good idea to ignore what’s both making you unsatisfied as it will surely come to haunt you later on down the line. Make long-term solutions instead of short-term ones.

What are good skills to have to help you negotiate?

Listening skills, assertiveness, effective verbal communication (clear and concise), decision making, coming up with solutions to any problems and the ability to deal with problamatic solutions.