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The Iron Kingdom strongly believe that one huge way that the education system is failing the children is conditioning them to only follow specific career paths. We are taught to become doctors, lawyers, architects, teachers, etc and not to focus much on our creative side or entrepreneurial spirit. An entrepreneur is someone with a vision for a business that sets out to make it happen. They will often make big financial risks in the hope of future profits and success in their business. The skills it takes to become an entrepreneur include risk-taking, strategic thinking, resilience, networking, time management, money management, efficiency and communication. And I think we can all agree that these skills are essential to becoming a successful individual. So why not teach these skills in the classroom? and how to apply them to create your own business? we should be inspiring children to think for themselves and act on any creative ideas that they have

Here’s some advice on how to become an entrepreneur…

Step 1: Decide what type of business you want to create

Needless to be said, the first step of entrepreneurship is deciding which business is right for you. Look at different fields and match them with your interests. It’s extremely important to be passionate about what you’re doing and of course having the belief that it will be successful. You’ll be spending so much time on this buisness so it needs to be something you care about. Otherwise you run the risk of loosing focus, enthusiam and motivation which means you’re business is likely to fail eventually. It can be hard work so make sure it’s something that you enjoy to ease the workload. When deciding what business look at your strenghts, interests, passions and skillset.

Step 2: Decide what education you need (if you need any)

This step obviously depends on what business you want to create. If it’s something you already have experience on or know that you’ll succeed in then you might not need any extra education. However, you can never stop learning, so taking a course in this field certainly won’t do any harm. For example, if you want to build a tech company, experience in business, computer programming and marketing would ne necessary. You can find many online courses in all different types of subjects as well as watching inspiring youtube videos.

Step 3: Plan Plan Plan

They key to any successful business is planning. Before you do anything it is necesssary to make a business plan outlining the steps you need to take to create your vision. This makes it easier to se your progress and what you still have to do to make it a success. It will keep you motivated and help you to stay on track.

Step 4: Identify your target audience

This is really important because it will shape your buisness and how you want it to be percieved. It should highly effect every aspect of the business. You need to decide who you’re selling to and make sure every step you take is catered towards that target audience.

Step 5: Network

We all know how important networking is. And luckily, it has become extremely easy to network thanks to social media! It’s super easy to reach out to other businesses that you’re interested in and make new connections simply by ‘sliding into their dms’. Get in contact with people that can help you and be benefical to your business.

Step 6: Sell your idea & market

Now it’s finally time to sell your idea to your potential customers. You need to find ways to convince people to buy your product, why do they need or want it? Make sure you create all social media sites so you can reach as many potential customers as possible. Make your business stand out and show how your products are unique.